Shade Sails

Commercial grade sunshades for your home and garden

About Shade Sails

The Fabrics

We use high quality commercial grade flame retardant fabrics, that should not be confused with cheaper woven mesh alternatives found on the internet, our Shade Sails are built to last and 100% waterproof.

We recycle our fabrics used to reduce waste, click here flotsam_flo to see what our scrap being transformed into.

Option A – FW601-SDFR

A natural looking PU coated Polyester fabric, lighter weight and easy to handle complete with twin stitched and taped seams


  • Polyester 660 Dtex
  • PU Coating – 310 g/m2
  • Flame retardant

Option B – FW-580VIPFR

Premium Grade PVC, a stronger heavy weight option with HF welded seams, rather than stiched.


  • Polyester 1100dtx coated with PVC 580g/m2.
  • Shiny lacquered finish to both sides
  • Flame retardant

The above options have the following characteristics offering full protection from the elements.

  • Anti-Fungal
  • Flame Retardant
  • UV Resistant
  • Waterproof

All Shades will be made using a strong polyester webbing edge to create tension in the shade. This is sewn in place using bonded nylon thread, which is highly regarded for its resistance to extreme weather conditions and impervious to perspiration, abrasion, rot and corrosion caused by contact with salt-water and UV. The webbing is finished around marine grade stainless steel rings to each of the corners.

Each shade will come with a complimentary tensioning strap for each corner, this will be attached to the stainless steel ring and the fixing you have installed. (Ideally, you want the shade to be drum tight as this will stop any ponding if you have rain, we are in the UK after all).

Shade Sail Range

We’ve got you covered

Rectangle Shade Sail


Square Shade Sail


Equalateral Sail Shade


Right Angle Shade Sail


Shade Sail fixings and fittings guide

How to measure your Shade Sail

How to Measure a shade sail

Tensioning Straps explained

Tensioning Straps, Cam Straps

How to measure your bespoke Shade Sail

How to measure your bespoke shade sail

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