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Q & A

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Due to the wide base of skills and fabrics we can offer we thought it best to prempt some questions you may have.
Q – Can you supply fabric only?
A – Yes we can supply fabric only starting with a minimum order of 25LM
Q – Can you print banners and exhibition fabrics?
A – Yes we can offer printing and vinyls as well as all the finishing required.
Q – What types of edge finishing can you offer?
A – We can offer all normal banner finishing e.g. eyelets, stitched hem, taped as well as our own style of tensile finishing resulting is a stronger edge and a flat un-creased banner.
Q – How can you join my fabric?
A – We have a number of sewing machines from Twin stitch, single stitch to over-lockers we also have three High Frequency welders for joining PVC structures and banners.
Q – Will you finish free issue fabric and print?
A – We are more than happy to work with free issue fabric and print and offer a finishing only service, we require a sample beforehand to ensure it will run through the required machine.
Q – Can you repair my tent, horse blanket, trailer cover, spray hood, boat cover?
A – Yes we can repair anything made from fabric, all we ask is the item in question is clean & dry and that the fabric is not rotten. (Repairs start from £30.00 + VAT)
Q – I have an old trailer cover, hammock cover, gazebo canopy etc. can you remake me a new one?
A – Yes we can remake you a cover or canopy as long as you have the old cover as a pattern, ideally with dimension of the frame to check against.
If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us:
Tel: 01934 741915
E-mail: gareth@fabricworks.co.uk