5M Wide Print

Stand out from the crowd with up to 5m wide seamless Dye sublimation print.

About our Print

HT Coated Polyester (Now avaible as blackout option)

Ideal for many exhibition and interior uses from ceiling to cubes & cylinders to sails this fabric is extremely versatile & can be used in its brilliant white finish or printed giving you the most striking image or colour. Weighing in at 205 g/m² & meeting the fire protection standard B1/M1 you really cannot go wrong with this fabric. I guarantee if you look up at any hanging shape/sign in an exhibition hall or conference its more than likely been made from this fabric as it lends itself well to many lighting applications and looks so vibrant.

Supreme mesh

Supreme mesh offers you the greatest amount of image information possible with an air flow factor of only 9.2 % and a grey-cloth weight of 350 g/m². Its tear resistance of 2,500 N/1,300 N (warp/weft) makes it the strongest mesh. Including flame resistance classification B1 and M1.

Extra mesh

Having a tear resistance of (1,300 N/1,500 N (warp/weft) the extra mesh offers you extra great airflow of 23 %. Moreover, with only 300 g/m² this product is extra light, thus taking great weight off your large advertisements. Extra mesh meets the fire protection standard B1/M1.

Standard mesh

Is for applications such as exhibition and touring use,made to a quality standard weighing in @ 230 g/m² standard mesh is lightweight compared to the above. With its air flow factor of 40.7 % standard mesh is superbly suitable as an acoustic mesh and has the sprinkler permit & meets the fire protection standard B1/M1