Mermet Mesh

Glass fibre, it doesn’t burn, it doesn’t stetch, it’s inert and to top it all it’s made from sand.

What is more sunstainable that that?!

This makes it a first choice mesh for many of our customers.

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Mermet have been weaving high performance glass fibre based fabrics for over 50 years. Mermet mesh is now woven in plants both in France and the USA. Glass fibre yarns are inherently fire resistant (to BS 476 Pt. 6 Class 0) and dimensionally stable, thus permitting the production of large roll widths and panels without the need for visible joints. These properties make Mermet fabrics suitable for use as both internal and external solar shading. We mainly use this mesh in construction of long lasting tensile structures, as well as being used for acoustic control either as free hanging acoustically absorbent panels or acoustically transparent coverings for wall and ceilings.

Screen Vision

Basket weave fabrics to comine visual comfort with transpency.

Tensile structures and Screen for interior use. Available in natural colours.

  • SV 1%
  • SV 3%
  • SV5%
  • SV 10%

Interior Class O Fabrics

Tensile Structures and Screens for Interior use

  • M-SCREEN 8501-8503-8505 –
  • NATURA –
  • S-SCREEN –

Interior and Exterior Class O Fabric

Tensile Structures and Screens for Interior and Exterior use.

Available in a wide colour range including two tone.

  • SATINÉ 5500
  • NATTÉ 4503

Acoustis 50

For all acoustic absorption Tensile Structures and Screens.

Interior and Exterior use

In a range of natural colours

  • Accoustis 50