Introduction To Fabrics


When selecting fabric for a particular application there are many factors which should influence your decision. We have listed a few below to assist you:

Fire rating is one of the most important. The required rating of the fabric will very often depend on the application, location, escape route etc. Therefore you should check with your fire office which fire rating is required for the specific item you are designing/installing. In the UK, we are running under the British Standard (BS) but as of April 2007, the Euro classification is now part of building regulations.

The Euro classification is a new way of testing the fire rating of items, and in the fabric application is more thorough than the existing BS tests taking into account surface spread of flame, but also smoke and droplets. The fire test is expensive, being a 6 part procedure, so some fabrics are not being tested to the new rating but eventually all fabrics will be rated to the new system. We will be updating this information as soon as possible.

Colour Range – not all fabrics are available in a colour range. See attached spec sheets in the fabric section of the site.

Visual qualities – All fabrics have different qualities; the texture, translucently etc. Use the downloadable guide to assist you.

Printability – not all fabrics can take a clear print. Colour can absorb into some fabric resulting in bleed and a lack of vibrancy. Use this downloadable guide to assist you.

In the downloadable guide we have set out a range of typical fabrics that we supply/use, giving outlined information. If you require further information on a particular fabric, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

We are more than happy to supply fabric on the roll if required but there is a minimum order starting from 20 linear meters depending on fabric type.

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