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serving the fight against Coronaviruses

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Agivir Stick’on

As part of the fight against Corona viruses, the Serge Ferrari group has developed and filed patents for a technology which makes its surfaces virucidal.

These antiviral properties have been validated by an independent laboratory.

Using technology based on silver particles, recently mentioned in scientific literature for their antiviral properties, these techniques make it possible to offer a wide range of solutions to combat the current pandemic.

So without further ado and as the AGIVIR™ UK distributor, we’d like to introduce you to AGIVIR™ STICK’ON.

A protective adhesive membrane that covers surfaces to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and a solution to combat the current pandemic.

Agivir and the endless possibilites

100% Waterproof Membrane:

This protective cover is 100% waterproof complying with fire standards for interior applications – M1.

Highly resistant membrane:

It’s highly resistant membrane is ideal for customised covers installed in areas with high traffic.

Application use:

High performance:

It’s high performance and repositionable adhesive membrane can be cut to size as required. Making it the first choice for hospitals, hotels, offices, supermarkets, pubs, shops and schools to list a few.

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